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At The Beach House Pediatric Dentistry, we pull out all of the stops to make these important visits fun and educational.

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Well visits for kids’ smiles

Want to know the secret to ensuring your child has the healthiest smile possible? Bring them in for a comprehensive dental exam every six months starting at age 1! Not only are these visits a fantastic learning opportunity for children and parents, they also ensure Dr. Parker can identify any concerns in their earliest stages when prevention or non-invasive treatment is still possible. Read on to learn more or call us at (281) 778-4008 to schedule your child’s dental exam today!

benefits of
Comprehensive Exams

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Keeps smiles on track

Routine dental exams let Dr. Parker see the full picture of your child’s oral health. She can then keep tabs on the development of their teeth and jaws.

Allows for early detection

Early detection of dental concerns stops tiny issues from evolving into big problems. This will mean easier, less invasive, more affordable treatment.

Educates kids and parents

Dr. Parker will provide you with personalized recommendations and give you and your child guidance on oral hygiene, diet, cavity prevention and more.

What to expect during your child’s dental exam

If you’re worried your child will refuse to open their mouth or throw a tantrum in the dental chair, have no fear! As a pediatric dental specialist, Dr. Parker is an expert at engaging kids in the process, making them feel comfortable and encouraging cooperation. Little ones can even watch their favorite show on a ceiling-mounted TV during their exam.

If needed, a team member may take low-dose, digital x-rays. Then, after chatting with you, Dr. Parker will have your child open wide so she can evaluate their teeth and gums. If your kiddo has fillings or dental sealants, she’ll make sure they’re in top-notch shape.

After completing the exam, Dr. Parker will answer any questions you have. She’ll also cover how to create an effective homecare routine, cavity prevention, diet and anything else you need to know to keep your child’s smile strong and bright. When we finish, it’s on to the treasure chest, so your child can choose a prize.

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Kids should have a dental exam once every six months, or twice a year.


86.9% of kids aged 2 to 17 have had a dental visit in the past year.


After dental school, pediatric dentists complete two additional years of specialty training in treating children.