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Our gentle but effective dental cleanings will leave your child’s smile squeaky clean and plaque-free.

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Sugar bugs don’t stand a chance!

Regular dental cleanings are an incredibly important part of your child’s preventative care. Using special tools and plenty of encouragement, we clean every inch of your kiddo’s teeth and remove hardened plaque (tartar) that you can’t get rid of with a regular toothbrush and floss. This helps to prevent cavities and gum disease and keeps your child’s smile healthy and bright.

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Dental Cleanings

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Banishes plaque

Professional dental cleanings eliminate plaque and tartar that can’t be removed at home. This reduces the risk of gum disease and cavities in kids.

Gives us a closer look

During a cleaning, we can see where your child’s doing great with their oral hygiene routine and where they could use some improvement.

Educates kids and parents

It’s an excellent opportunity for parents to learn how to care for their infant or toddler’s teeth and for kids to learn how to properly brush and floss.

What to expect during your child’s dental cleaning

When you visit us for a kids’ dental cleaning in Missouri City, TX, we use behavior techniques to put your child at ease and engage them in the process. Using kid-friendly terms, we’ll introduce your child to the different instruments we’ll be using and demonstrate how they work before we get started.

Once your child is comfortable, we’ll gently yet thoroughly scrape tartar and plaque off their teeth before brushing and flossing. We’ll also let you know how your child is doing with their oral hygiene routine. If you’d like, we can wrap up the cleaning with a fluoride treatment.

Dental Cleanings


We recommend that kids have a dental cleaning once every six months.


Children should brush their teeth at least twice a day for two full minutes each time.


If kids don’t floss, then they’re not effectively cleaning 40% of their tooth surfaces.