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Tooth-Colored Fillings

If your child has a cavity, we can fix it with a tooth-colored filling that blends in with their natural enamel.

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Cavities are no fun. But the good news is, Dr. Kristi Parker can quickly and effectively treat them. After removing the decay, she’ll restore the tooth with a strong, durable composite filling that’s been color-matched to your child’s enamel. When your kiddo leaves our office, it’ll be like that cavity never happened.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

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Blends in With Natural Enamel

The composite resin material is matched to the color of your child’s tooth. The filling will blend right in with their enamel.

Safe for Little Smiles

Tooth-colored fillings are biocompatible and safe for even the youngest patients. They’re also metal- and mercury-free.

Strengthens the Tooth

The composite filling bonds directly with kids’ enamel. It restores nearly all of the tooth’s pre-cavity strength.

What to expect when your child gets a dental filling

Pediatric dentists are specialists trained in treating children and teens. It’s all we do here at The Beach House! So, we have plenty of techniques up our sleeve to alleviate kids’ anxiety and ensure they can safely get the necessary dental care.

Before doing anything, Dr. Parker will introduce your child to the instruments she’ll be using and explain what will happen in kid-friendly terms. When your child is comfy, we’ll put their favorite show on the ceiling-mounted TV, so they can watch it throughout the procedure.

Dr. Parker will carefully numb the area and remove all of the decay from your child’s tooth. Once it’s cleaned and primed, she’ll fill the space with a tooth-colored composite resin and harden it with a curing light. After making any adjustments, she’ll shape and polish the filling until it looks and feels just like your child’s natural tooth.

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Placing a tooth-colored filling can be completed in one visit.


Studies have shown composite fillings are up to 95% as strong as natural enamel.


With excellent oral hygiene, composite fillings can last up to 10 years.