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At The Beach House Pediatric Dentistry, we offer safe dental sedation for kids to ensure every patient is able to get the care they need.

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Anxiety-Free Dental Procedures

Sometimes, age, severe dental anxiety or special health care needs make it difficult for a patient to comfortably and safely sit through a dental procedure. When behavior management techniques aren’t enough, sedation dentistry could be the solution. At The Beach House Pediatric Dentistry, we’re trained, licensed and equipped to offer conscious sedation and nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas. Dr. Kristi Parker will assess your child’s health history and chat with you about the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

benefits of
Sedation Dentistry

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Helps kids relax

Sedation relaxes patients and dulls discomfort to make treatment less stressful and more efficient. It can also prevent kids from developing a fear of the dentist in the future.

Improves safety

Your child will be awake during treatment and able to respond to commands, but they’ll be relaxed enough to ensure we can safely perform procedures.

Works for different needs

A range of patients can benefit from sedation, including young children who need extensive work and kids with dental anxiety, a severe gag reflex or special health care needs.

What types of dental sedation do you offer?

We offer two types of pediatric dental sedation at our Missouri City office. Dr. Parker will evaluate your child’s health history and needs in order to help you choose the best option for your situation.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, has been used in dentistry for well over a century! It’s mild, has very few side effects and is short acting. To administer it, we place a small mask over your child’s nose, and they breathe in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Your kiddo will be awake throughout the procedure and able to answer questions, but they’ll feel relaxed, happy, and maybe even a bit silly. The effects of nitrous oxide wear off almost right away, so your child can go back to school, daycare or daily activities after their visit.

Conscious Sedation

With conscious sedation, your child or teen takes medication prescribed by Dr. Parker before their procedure. Depending on the oral sedative, it will offer mild to moderate sedation and dull your child’s senses. While your child will be awake and able to respond to directions during the treatment, they’ll feel calm and may not remember the visit very well after the medication wears off.


Nitrous oxide usually takes effect within two to three minutes. It wears off just as quickly!


The journal, Pediatrics, estimates as many as 250,000 kids’ dental sedations are performed every year.


In 1844, nitrous oxide was first used in a dental setting.