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White Spot Lesions

Our team uses a cutting-edge technique to treat white spots on kids’ teeth without a drill or needles.

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A Non-Invasive Way to Make White Spots Hit the Road

White spots on the teeth, also called white spot lesions, are actually areas of very early tooth decay, or demineralization, which means minerals from the enamel were lost and not replaced. Whether from braces treatment, fluorosis, poor oral hygiene or diet, white spots won’t go away on their own and, if not treated, can evolve into cavities. At The Beach House Pediatric Dentistry in Missouri City, we use Icon Caries Infiltrant to quickly and painlessly stop the decay process and get rid of those pesky spots.

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White Spot Lesions Treatment

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Stops early decay

Icon Caries Infiltrant stops the process of decay in its tracks, helping to preserve the tooth’s natural structure.

Reduces discoloration

Treatment will cause the white spots to blend in with the healthy enamel, creating an even-toned smile.

Treats white spots non-invasively

The procedure is quick, completely painless and can be done in a single visit. No drill or needles necessary!

What to expect during white spot lesions treatment

White spots on the teeth used to be hard to treat. Not anymore with Icon Caries Infiltrant! The revolutionary treatment significantly reduces the appearance of white spots, while also boosting your child’s oral health.

During treatment with Icon, Dr. Parker applies a fluid resin that works its way through the tooth’s pore system. This reinforces demineralized enamel and stops very early cavities to keep the tooth healthy and fully intact. As the resin penetrates the tooth, it also blends the white spots in with the healthy enamel, making them virtually disappear right before your eyes.

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Some studies suggest almost 25% of patients will develop at least one white spot lesion during braces treatment.


White spots are the first sign of the tooth decay process on smooth enamel surfaces.


Icon Caries Infiltrant was first available in the United States in 2009.