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At The Beach House Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we use modern techniques and our years of experience to make tooth extractions quick and surprisingly comfortable.

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Gentle Tooth Extractions for Kids

Dr. Kristi Parker and The Beach House team take a conservative approach and always do everything possible to avoid extracting teeth. But, sometimes, due to an infection or severe decay, in preparation for orthodontic treatment or when a baby tooth just refuses to budge, extraction is the best option. The good news is that tooth removal in kids is generally easier than it is in adults. Plus, we use cutting-edge technology and techniques to make extractions as quick and painless as possible.

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Tooth Extractions

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Eliminates Pain

A large cavity, an injury or an infection can be super painful! As soon as the tooth is extracted, the pain will go away.

Gets Rid of Infection

Extracting an infected or badly decayed tooth eliminates the infection and prevents it from spreading to the surrounding areas.

Maintains Alignment

Sometimes, removing a tooth, or teeth, can help maintain alignment or allow misaligned teeth to be corrected with orthodontic treatment.

What to expect when a child’s tooth is extracted?

Your child’s wellbeing, safety and comfort are our top priorities. Before Dr. Parker begins, she’ll introduce your child to any instruments she’ll be using and explain what will happen. When kids have an age-appropriate understanding of what to expect, it goes a long way in reducing their anxiety. If needed, we do offer sedation, including mild sedation with nitrous oxide.

First, we’ll apply a topical anesthetic to the area. When this kicks in and your little one is numb, Dr. Parker will inject local anesthesia, so they don’t feel any discomfort at all during the procedure. She’ll use a special tool to gently extract your child’s tooth. Before sending them off to collect a prize, she’ll provide you with after-care instructions to promote optimal healing and minimal discomfort.

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Studies have found that tooth decay is the most common reason for baby tooth extractions.


The first primary molars are the most commonly extracted primary teeth, accounting for 30% of kids’ extractions.


Little ones have 20 primary teeth and will have 32 permanent teeth if their wisdom teeth erupt.