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At The Beach House Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, we love Halloween just as much as you do. And we dare to venture that for kids, candy is the best part of this spookiest of seasons. (Just be sure to brush well to help get rid of those sugar bugs!)

But as your Missouri City, TX pediatric dentist, we want to assure you that not everything your kids eat during Halloween has to be sugary to fit the theme. We’re here to offer you some deathly delicious and healthy Halloween snacks to balance all those sweet treats. Try a few of these pediatric dentist-approved recipes for foods low in sugar but high in frightful fun!

1. Boo-nanas

Take half a banana, press in some chocolate chip eyes, and you’ve got a paranormal Halloween snack idea your kids will love. Bananas are great for keeping your kids’ healthy teeth, well, healthy. They have potassium, manganese, and magnesium which strengthen tooth enamel, and vitamins C and B6 for strong gums. Plus, bananas are one of the easiest kids snacks to prep that’s low in sugar but still sweet! 

2. Peanut Butter Monster Teeth

Here’s a hilarious surprise for your kids to discover in their lunch boxes. Scarify apple slices and peanut butter by sandwiching peanut butter between two apple slices, then sticking sunflower seeds into the peanut butter as crooked, creepy monster teeth. 

3. Cheesy Witch and Wizard Brooms

All you need is cheese strings, straight pretzels, and chives for these magical Halloween snacks. Cut each cheese string stick into thirds. Peel one side of each to form the broom bristles. Poke a pretzel into the top for the broom handle and finish with a chive tied around the top of the cheese. 

Cheese is considered one of the best healthy foods for teeth. One, chewing it helps stimulate saliva which neutralizes teeth-damaging acids in your child’s mouth after eating. It also helps prevent demineralization of teeth and the calcium in it helps strengthen teeth. 

4. Halloween Shapes Fruit Platter

Use your Halloween cookie cutters for healthy Halloween snacks instead of sugar cookies. Cut cats, bats, pumpkins, and ghosts out of cantaloupe, honeydew, apples, and watermelon.

Fruit is packed with teeth-happy vitamins and minerals. That’s why our pediatric dentist, Dr. Parker, recommends reaching for fruit as one of your go-to healthy foods for kids’ teeth — at Halloween and any time of year. 

5. Monster Avocado Toasts

Snack on these yummy and good-for-you avocado toast faces. Spread mashed avocado on whole-grain toast and top with seaweed, peppers, cheese, and tomatoes for the facial features.

6. Spider Bites

Foods low in sugar like these “spider bite” crackers are both teeth-friendly and a little creepy — in the best way! Spread cream cheese onto round crackers or cucumber slices. Cut black olives in half lengthwise. Then cut one side of the halves into thin semi-circles. Place an olive half flat side down on the cream cheese for the spider’s body and the semi-circle slices on either side as legs. Add this to your menu of healthy snack ideas for a Halloween party or for fun, after-school refueling.

7. Deviled Egg Brains

This is one of those really easy and healthy Halloween snacks to keep at the top of your list. Make deviled eggs as you normally would, adding a bit of red gel food coloring to the yolks for a pink color before beating. Pipe into a squiggly brain design instead of the usual swirl.

Fun Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics in Missouri City, TX

With the above healthy Halloween snacks, you’re on the right track for healthy teeth at home. And us? Your board-certified, Missouri City pediatric dentist, Dr. Kristi Parker, has got you covered when it comes to high quality pediatric dental care. 

Serving Missouri City, Sugar Land, Pearland, and Houston, TX, we provide expert dental and orthodontic services with a fun, relaxed vibe and kid-approved perks. If your kiddo is due for a comprehensive cleaning and check-up after all the hubbub of Halloween, give us a shout.